GSoC 2020: Site Sonar

Contributor: Kalana Wijethunga
Description Presentation   Blogpost   Project repositories: cli | ml-client | frontend | backend

This Google Summer of Code (GSoC) project aimed to develop tools to assist Grid users in their task submission setup when wanting to run containerised workloads. Without such functionality users are unaware of site requirements and would need to manually run jobs at those sites, wait for their completion and then examine the output to determine the readiness of the site to run their workloads. To alleviate such complexity and allow for Grid-wide automated deployment, a probe-oriented framework needs to be developed and run across all sites. The results are to be analysed and relayed to the site administrators in case of issues or requirements mismatch. The following section presents an overview of Site Sonar and the two deliverables that were developed as part of this project: the web service and command line tool.


Diagram 1 below outlines the principle components of the Site Sonar service. The CLI Tool is a site sonar job submission and information querying approach that allows users to initiate test jobs across sites and ask for the results. The Backend API exposes RESTful API to GET and POST job information from and to the database. Finally, the Website Frontend provides a graphical way to visualise site configuration parameters based on the output returned from the completed jobs.

Site Sonar Architecture Diagram
Diagram 1: Site Sonar Architecture