CREAM-SLC5: CREAM1.6 information

SETUP of the CREAM1.6 version via Quattor (Thanks to Jerome Pansanel for the recipe)

Quattor templates for the CREAM1.6 version are now available. Quattor templates in the trunk support the lastest version of CREAM CE. There is still a small hand procedure to perform:


  1. The current file seems to have some bugs The bug has been fixed in the ncm-component trunk, but the rpm is not available yet. A simple way to fix the issue is to remove passwd_tries from the BOOLEAN_OPTS variable in the /usr/lib/perl/NCM/Component/ file. If required, the new file can be also provided by Jerome
  2. Remove old webapps directories (the new webapp archives do not overwrite the content of these directories, the old libraries remain in their) : /usr/share/tomcat5/webapps/ce-cream and /usr/share/tomcat5/webapps/ce-monitor
  3. Run the script in /root/sbin

(point 1 and 3 are only for Quattor users).


Issues and solutions found with CREAM1.6

During the past GDB Meeting in March 2010, sites were encouraged to update their local CREAM services to the latest version (CREAM1.6 for SL5)

After this update, followed by many ALICE sites, certain instabilities have been observed mostly coming from two different sources:

  1. Connection times outs messages observed at submission time
  2. Error messages reporting problems with the blparser service. (blparser service not alive)

This page is intended to provide the ALICE sites with the neccessary information to solve these problems and it is expected to become a CREAM forum where latest news/patches and issues will be announced

--> Connection time out error message observed at submission time

This message means the CREAM service is down. One possible reason causing this problem is a known issue:

  • A memory leak in util-java affecting the CREAM-CE. Bug reported in savannah (69554). CREAM developers are preparing a new metapackage release for the CREAM-CE including the new fixed util-java. In the meantime a workaround can be applied. (Note that just updating the util-java rpm is not enough)

--> blparser service is not alive (message appearing using the command glite-ce-job-status)

This is a well documented issue. Sites are encouraged to find further information here

--> Further problems affecting CREAM1.6

The bug 69545 is also affecting CREAM-CE in SL5 (CREAM digests asynchronous commands very very slow). ultil a metapackage will be provided to solve this issue, the CREAM developers have also provided a workaround for this issue

Further information

  • Current CREAM1.6 (SL5) production patch
  • Extra Documentation