AliEn release notes - version v2-18




Release Description

This release contains the AliEn version 2.18. The following sections provide additional information

about the release content, the dependencies and known issues. For information about installing

and using the AliEn please refer to the Download topic.


Release Status

This release is in testing phase, may still require some patches.



New functionality in this release

gcc 4.1.2, and cleanup of modules (distributing only one gsoap)




Lots of improvements on xrootd


CREAM-CE submission, and reduce the load on the VOBox:

  • new WMS module is now able to submit to different local clusters from the same VOBOX
  • Alice.conf is obsolete, local file in VOBOX is not longer used
  • Level of LDAP
    • Type = WMS (NEW)
    • Submitarg -> OBSOLETE
    • CE_RANKING=1 (NEW)
    • CE_LCGCE= (CE1,CE2,CE3),(CE1’,CE2’),(CE1’’,CE2’’)…
    • Grouped now by clusters



Added torrent support for downloading files:

  • AliEn installation packages are available as torrents
  • A tracker and a seeder are running at CERN:
  • A new installation script (alien-torrent-installer) fetches the files by torrent
  • aria2c is now distributed with AliEn
  • New preffix for the files in the catalogue : torrent://


New (and simplified) transfer model:

  • Same interface for the user (mirror)
  • FTD no longer on the vobox
  • Only one FTD per type of transfer (fts, xrd3cp)
  • Less transfer status:  , , , ,
  • getTransferHistory and listTransfers


Storage Discovery Generation Three

  • Also reading uses now the discovery mechanism and to read always from the best SE
  • MonALISA delivers optimized performance data on all available SEs
  • A central Rank Cache holds a priorized list of the best SEs for each Site worldwide and gets updated by MonALISA every 2h
  • The discovery logic in AliEN has been moved to the central Authen service
  • Clients and JobAgents just ask for access envelopes by sending the user specifications to Authen
  • Authen will process all discovery actions and simply reply with a list of the best envelopes, this reduces drastically the number of client to central connections for storage access
  • For details on user specifications see the howto SpecifyStorageElementsAndAutoDiscovery



Further changes and fixes

Deletion of orphan files

SE and FTD are deprecated on the sites, SE will be defined in ldap, but it won’t run as a service on the site

Catalogue structure changes

Removal of internal mysql triggers

Bug fixes (e.g. filenames with @)


Change log

In this release all components have been updated with bug fixes found since the previous release. In

particular the following major changes are included:

  • AliEn Core
  • AliEn LCG
  • AliEn Tests
  • Monitoring
  • API service
  • Installation



Prerequisite and Dependencies

The AliEn distribution aims to have minimal outside dependencies at the expense of extra disk space

required for installation. For a list of the dependencies, please refer to the Build System.


Download and Installation

Please refer to the Download instructions.


Supported platforms

This binary distribution of this release is provided for the following platforms:


    • 32 bit i686, any Linux distribution, glibc-2.5 or higher
    • 64 bit x86_64, any Linux distribution, glibc-2.5 or higher
    • 64 bit Itanium, any Linux distribution, glibc-2.5 or higher
    • 32 bit i686 Apple (MacOS-Intel)
    • 64 bit x86_64 Apple (MacOS-Intel)


      Support and Bug Report

      Please report bugs to LCG Savannah.



      All AliEn code is open source and developed at CERN by ALICE Off-line Project. For more information on

      the licence and copyright statements, please refer to the EGEE License.