Nordugrid ARC-based AliEn site installation

LDAP configuration for ARC-based AliEn site

# VOMS organization to be with BDII job status search
# a LDAP address of a BDII for a site. VobBox CE module takes number of running and queued jobs from it.
# specifies whether to use BDII for number of running/queued jobs retrieval
CE_USE_BDII -  (1 - use it, 0 - use arcstat instead)
# a list of ARC CEs to be used for jobagent submission
# a list of resources can also be set through ~/.arc/client.conf file (see `man client.conf`)
# arguments for arcsub command
CE_SUBMITARG =" -b FastestQueue"
# Submit additional parameters to arcsub, it will be used in case CE_USE_BDII=1, additional params for XRSL generation can be passed with a space-separated list:  “xrsl:a=b xrsl:c=d"
# specifies delay in minutes after which try to clean up completed jobs (default: 1440 mins)
# specifies delay in minutes after which try to check whether jobs file is sane (default: 60 minutes)

# it is also possible to set this variable in the ~/.alien/Environment file to get arc* CLI tools debug output into CE.log file in case of ARC problems during operations